3Yardage (Beta 1) for Pocket PC, Freeware


  • Windows Mobile 5 or above.
  • QVGA (240 x 320)
  • .Net Compact Framework 2.0 or above

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Select a golf course

Tap to hightligh the course, then tap the “Go” button OR wipe the screen to the right to display the holes view.

Sorry, don’t have a course file creator yet!

Course file is a simple text file, you can create or edit with a Notepad editor. Please refer to the content of course file for the data structure.

Tap the “Home” button to display the courses list if you need to change course.

Display hole information

Tap to hightligh the hole, then tap the “Go” button OR wipe the screen to the right to display the yardage view.

Display distant to the green or hazard

Tap the “Flag” button to toggle the GPS, then tap the “+” or “-” button OR wipe the screen to the left to change hole. (Be patient, some internal GPS will take more than 10 mins. at the cold start)

Tap the “Measure” button to start to measure your shot’s distant

Measure your tee shot’s distant

Keep walking to your ball, you will see the distant of your shot, then you can select your club according to the yardage to the green and the conditions.

3Yardage has been tested on

ASUS P526 (WM6.1) with internal GPS – OK, but the internal GPS takes more than 10 mins. to start,

iPaq hx2490b (WM5) + Holux M1000 bluetooth GPS – OK, the GPS takes less than 1 mins. to start,

HTC Touch 3G (WM6.1) – OK, the internal GPS takes 3 mins. to start


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