Learn Korean (Level 1) – User Guide
16 April, 2002
16 April 2002, by 3Store.com
Learn Korean (Level 1) – User Guide
Overview Version 2.1 The Yale romanization system is added, user can switch between the default and Yale system. Learn Korean (Level 1) is not only a Korean flash card learning program, you can practise your hand writing, it can also keep track your learning progress, analysis your test result, and show you where you should pay more attention. Top
Menu There are 21 characters for Vowels and 19 characters for Consontants, pick one of the character to go to the flash card. Pick ‘Exit’ button to return to main menu Top
Flash card The character is displayed with the statistic. You can practise your hand writing in the lower part of the screen. Use ‘<‘, ‘>’ button, Up / Down button or SONY’s Jog dial to move to Next or Previous character. Pick ‘Clear’ button to clear the hand writing part. Pick ‘Exit’ button to return to character menu. Top
Flash card
Test 1. A character will be shown and you should recognize the character before the timer goes to 0. (the timer can be changed in setup screen) 2. Then the answer will be shown and 3. please pick ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ button to go to next test. Pick ‘Exit’ button to return to Main menu whenever you want to stop the test. Top
Result A list of test result is displayed to show your learning progress. Top
Analysis A list of character statistic is displayed, you should pay more attention on those characters. Top
Setup 1. You can change the timer here. 2. You can change the romanization system here, check the system and then pick the ‘Set’ button. 3. You can delete all test results. 4. You can delete all character statistics. Top
License Now is freeware, Reg Code is 2851 Top
More Information
Web site : https://3store.isofishing.com/home/palm-software/#learnkorean
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13 April 2002, by 3Store.com