A simple weather station, it displays theTemperature : (°C) Celsius or (°F) Fahrenheit Relative Humidity: % Pressure : hPa hectopascal or mmHg millimeter of mercury* Requirement – ambient air pressure sensor – ambient temperature sensor – relative ambient humidity sensor>>> More Info <<<… Read More

Read Your Mind for Android is just released. A very simpe game that can read your mind ! Ask your friend to pick a number between 1 to 100, and don’t let you know. Let your friend to answer few questions Answer [Yes] if the number is listed on the screen Over 90% of the… Read More

CleverBet for Android is just released. It is a tool / calculator to assist you to implement a dutch betting strategy. If you want to make a bet on more than 1 horse, it can help to predict the return and minimize your risk. It is suitable for horse racing, harness, soccer, football, ruby …etc.… Read More